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Package: The Peruvian Paso Horse Tour Show and The National Celebration
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The Peruvian Paso Horse Tour Show and The National Celebration

The Peruvian Paso or Peruvian Horse is a breed of light pleasure saddle horse known for its smooth ride. It is distinguished by a natural, four-beat, lateral gait called the paso llano.

The past thirty years have seen a resurgence in the Peruvian Paso horse's fortune in Peru. The annual National Show in Lima is a major event in Peruvian cultural life. The Peruvian Paso has been declared a Patrimonio Cultural (Cultural Heritage) of Peru in an attempt to shore up the breed within the country. There are now laws in place that restrict the export of national champion horses.

Peruvian Paso horses are noted internationally for their good temperament and comfortable ride.
The horse is medium sized, usually standing between 14.1 and 15.2 hands tall, with an elegant yet powerful build. The Peruvian horse has a deep chest, heavy neck and body with substance without any trace of being hound gutted in the flank area. A low set, quiet tail, clamped tightly between the buttocks is a vital quality. Stallions have a broader chest and larger neck than mares, and are known for their quality temperament.

Duration:                               3 Hours
Departures:                           Daily Departures from Lima Peru at 10.00am or 3.00pm
Activities:                              You will have amusing time watching our National horses.
Hotel:                                    Not included, available upon request
Meals:                                   Lunch or Dinner included
Customizable:                       YES, feel free to ask for extra services

Note: If your hotel is located in another area than Miraflores or San Isidro, it will have an additional cost.


20 minutes from Lima at Km 25 of the Panamericana Sur highway, road Lurin, is the traditional Hacienda Picus, we come to it through crops rural roads and small towns. It's a private room that opens its doors to the public on special occasions and unique

Breeding Peruvian Paso Horse is your main purpose and dedication.

There will hear the history of our horses, their characteristics will newborn specimens, half training and adults in the prime of his qualities.
Horse will appreciate the luxurious implement and clothing typical of the barges.

You will also see raising the grazing and warm moments to live with nature. Be sure to try a ride on the smoothest horse in the world.

It comes with an early dinner, has an excellent dish home with garden fresh ingredients and good flavor of Peru, characterized by its flavors, its spicy and exotic blends.
All an ensemble of moments and emotions which will make your staying in Lima an unforgettable memory.


The Peruvian Paso Horse Tour Show and The National Celebration
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