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Half Day Tour Presbyter Maestro Museum

The Sanitary reforms brought by the French Illustration towards the end of the 18th Century, generated some profound changes in the conception of a city. The usual graveyard besides a church existed no more, giving way to the actual cemetery located in the outskirts of the cities.

In the case of Lima, the new "camposanto" was placed a few blocks of what once was the Portada de Maravillas (or the Portal of Wonders, one of the entrances to the City, through the "Muralla de Lima" or Defense Wall), according to the aesthetical principles of the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Paris.

Duration:                                3 ½ Hours
Departures:                            From Monday to Saturday from Lima Peru at 9.00am or 2.00pm
Activities:                               You will be breathtaking with this Cemetery Museum.
Hotel:                                     Not included, available upon request
Meals:                                    Not included, available upon request
Customizable:                        YES, feel free to ask for extra services

Note: If your hotel is located in another area than Miraflores or San Isidro, it will have an additional cost.

A fascinating tour that presents the breathtaking historic center of Liam and continues with the visit to the monumental Cemetery Museum "Presbyter Matias Maestro" located in Barrios Altos district.
Inaugurated May 31st , 1818 by the Viceroy Jose Fernando de Abascal, this cemetery museum was designed and built by Matias Maestro, a basque presbyter who was also an architect, sculptor and painter.
Considered as the first civil cemetery in America, because of its more than 200 years, its holds about 850 mausoleums, sculptures, monuments and tombs that are accurate representations of various artistic, cultural and religious trends that were found in America during the XIXth an XXth centuries.

The Presbítero Maestro contains streets, gardens, quarters and boulevards decorated with beautiful statues. Especially overwhelming are its magnificent mausoleums, accounting for the wealth of many families of Lima. The most important among these monuments is the Cripta de los Héroes that shelters the rests of some insign characters like Miguel Grau, Francisco Bolognesi and Andrés A. Cáceres, heroes from the War of the Pacific.

In view of the artistic merits and testimonial value, Cemeteries like the PĂ©re Lachaisse and Montmartre in Paris, the Municipal Cemeteries of Rome and Genoa in Italy, the ColĂłn in La Habana, Cuba, the La Recoleta in Buenos Aires, the Cementerio General del Sur in Caracas and the Cementerio PresbĂ­tero MatĂ­as Maestro in Lima, have been declared Historical Patrimonies of Humanity.


Half Day Tour Presbyter Maestro Museum
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